Table of Density of Solar System Planets and Pluto

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The values below in the table of density of Solar System planets and Pluto are from The NASA website provides no sources or uncertainties for the data: if your application is serious research please investigate the current scientific literature by yourself.

Densities of Solar System Objects

Name $\rho$ (Density in ${\rm g \ cm}^{-3}$) $(\rho/\rho_{E})$ (Ratio to Earth Density)
Earth $5.513$ 1.00
Moon $3.344$ 0.6066
Mercury $5.427$ 0.9844
Venus $5.243$ 0.9510
Mars $3.934$ 0.7136
Jupiter $1.326$ 0.2405
Saturn $0.687$ 0.1246
Uranus $1.270$ 0.2304
Neptune $1.638$ 0.2971
Pluto $2.050$ 0.3718